Revit Sand 4 Motorcycle Gloves Review

The Revit Sand 4 motorcycle line is the next step in the Sand line from Revit and brings some interesting new improvements across the board up from the Sand 3 which was hugely popular!.

The Revit Sand 4 Gloves are targeted at people looking for a lightweight, yet protective summer motorcycle glove, which flows as much air as possible. I think it strikes that balance perfectly, which is why the Sand 4’s are my go-to warm weather motorcycle gloves.

Revit Sand 3 vs Revit Sand 4 Gloves

So the most obvious change is the design of the knuckle protection which has gone from a blocky hexagonal pattern to a hollow triangle pattern. The reason for this change is to increase airflow, however, it seems to have come at the cost of flexibility. Although it’s still very flexible, the previous design was just a little bit easier.

The design change for the knuckle protection has been extended to the palm protection and thumb protection, which has, in turn, made these areas marginally less flexible than before. I must stress how marginal this is though… These are still very comfortable and if you don’t have the sand 3 gloves sitting there to compare back to back, then you wouldn’t know any better.

The only other notable thing I can see to comment on is the removal of the TPU knuckle sliders that were on the Revit Sand 3 fingers. All they served to do was catch on to things, so their removal is a positive change.


On the palms and fingers, you have goat leather. This provides a softer, more tactile feel than cow leather, while retaining the high abrasion resistance. The leather has many perforations to allow for airflow.

Along the back of the gloves, you have what Revit calls their “3D air mesh”… which is just a fancy marketing term for mesh!. The back of the gloves flow a solid amount of air to the back of your hands and help wick any sweat away, keeping you cool and dry in hot weather.

Between the fingers, you have a stretch fabric which also flows air and allows extra flexibility to increase comfort.


It’s safe to say airflow isn’t an issue on the Revit Sand 4 gloves. They do a fantastic job of ventilating heat and moisture.

As the Sand 4’s are so lightweight and flexible, they mould to your hand position perfectly. Usually gloves with this level of protection have hard parts where these gloves have flexible panels.

The fingers all have outside stitching, which stops the seams from digging in. Which is a good thing, because the whole glove, including the individual fingers, are quite skinny and form-fitting. This could be a tad problematic if you have exceptionally chubby hands, but they fit my hands… like a glove!

The one place I’d have liked to have seen some of that outside stitching is on the inside of the thumb. It’s the only seam that annoyed me, however, this went away after a few uses once the gloves were broken in and ended up being a total non issue. If they could move the seam or outside stitch it further back, that would eliminate the problem entirely though.

The svelt sizing makes these feel less clumsy and bulky than some of my other gloves.

Since the Sand 4’s are so comfy, you won’t be wanting to take them off… which makes the addition of the touch screen compatible finger tips ideal!


It’s fair to say I’m a fan of the Revit Sand 4 motorcycle gloves and it’s clear to see why they are such a hit among the Adventure and dual sport riders. They strike an ideal balance between comfort, style, safety and to top it off they don’t break the bank in terms of cost.

If you already have a pair of Revit Sand 3 gloves, then should you be rushing out to buy the Sand 4’s for the sake of upgrading?… No, absolutely not. These are an evolution on an already great glove, not a revolution.

If you are in need of a fantastic summer glove though, then I’d absolutely recommend the Revit Sand 4 gloves, along with the rest of the Sand 4 collection.